Dnipro University of Technology — Compliance with the Time

The Mining University and department of GIS offer many opportunities for great spending time outside of class.

Practice in the Berdiansk.
10 days of mountain and rest. And thus accommodation and journey is absolutely free!

Summer recreation facility "Miner". Located in the pine wood on the bank of the river of Samara. Not Seychelles, of course, but close, conveniently, and for students - very big discounts!

Tickets to theaters with discounts. Our students can go to theaters of Dnepropetrovsk with huge discounts. You will be able to visit the best theaters of the city almost for nothing!

The Carpathians with discounts.

We organize rest in the Carpathians for 50% of cost for students of NMU. In 2016 week of winter rest in the Carpathians (in the village Vorokhta) cost only 1100 UAH for our students!


Quests. Department of GIS makes special educational and entertaining quests for their students. It's always fun, playful, dynamic and, above all, fun!


GIS Day. Year to year the GIS Department holds a special event for its students, a professional holiday - the World Day of the developers of geonformation systems. Let's not long to tell what's going on ... but it is remembered forever!


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