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Why study on the specialty
126 «Information systems and technologies»

   Department of Information Systems and Technologies (National Technical University «Dnipro Polytechnic») provides training for students in the specialty 126 «Information Systems and Technologies» has been teaching since 2017.

Knowledge Area - 12 Information Technology

The Department is headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Professor of the Department of Information Systems and Technologies, Hnatushenko Volodymyr Volodymyrovych

  • Bachelor of Information Systems and Technology
  • Master of Information Systems and Technology

  The purpose of mastering a specialty. The Department of Information Systems and Technologies prepares specialists for the development and operation of information systems and technologies.

  Gained competences, which are formed in the course of computing training in different disciplines:
  • processing, structuring and managing different types of information;
  • intelligent management of computer systems;
  • knowledge of the principles of design and application of intelligent systems;
  • storage and processing of coherently structured and unstructured, multi-format big data components;
  • configuring and using network computing resources to provide cloud computing;
  • development and use of mobile applications and platforms (mobile computing);
  • development of computer technology for business computing;
  • platform-based development;
  • designing information systems based on the internet of things (iot) components;
  • design, development, configuration and use of geoinformation systems and geospatial data through different platforms (geospatial computing, geospatial cloud computing);
  • the use of computer technology for scientific research.
 Practical theoretical orientation of teaching at the Department of Information Systems and Technologies

Practical disciplines of the curriculum

Theoretical disciplines of the curriculum

The peculiarity of the specialty 126 "Information systems and technologies" and, accordingly, the department is the study of theoretical and methodological foundations and tools for the creation, system integration and use of information systems, platforms and technologies in various fields of human activity. The rapid development of hardware and software and computing services has become the basis of several strands of innovative transformation in all areas of human activity. These include: Digitalization, Digital transformation, Industry 4.0, Globalization, Hypercompetition, etc.

Thus, the disciplines of the specialty 126 "Information Systems and Technologies" cover a wide range of modern industries of the digital world and form competencies that are the driving factors applicable to a number of specialties of some related industries.

Thus, the main direction of training of specialists of specialty 126 "Information systems and technologies" is the development, system integration and practical application of various information technologies in the field of creation and operation:
- digital corporate platforms;
- complex information systems with complex internal logic;
- Cloud platforms, infrastructures and services (Claud Computing);
- Internet of Things and Web of Things (IoT, Web of Things, WoT) infrastructures;
- Mobile services (Mobile Computing);
- Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms;
- Big Data Processing Systems and Technologies.
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