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Beshta Dmitry
Associate Professor

Position: Associate Professor

Scientific degree: Candidate of Technical Sciences  

E-mail: beshta.d.o@mnu.one

Cabinet: 1/97

Educational work

     Associate professor Beshta DO currently teaches the disciplines "Creation and visualization of video information", "Theory of computer systems", "Technologies for designing computer and cyberphysical systems".

Certification training

     Defense of the dissertation on the topic: "Automation of control processes of transitional modes of winding of long products on the basis of their identification". Diploma series DK № 056311 dated 26.02.2020
     Seminar "Pneumatic equipment, fittings, sensors, electromechanical manipulators, servomotors, control cabinets, examples of applications" 09/16/2021 Certificate 21-FESTO111-0008.

Research activities

     The main directions of scientific activity are scientific and practical researches in the direction of IT use in the spheres of synthesis of mathematical description of processes and systems, definition of their parameters and also realization of models with use of packages of applied programs. In the framework of dissertation research Beshta DO solved the scientific problem of research and development of laws, methods, models and other modern scientific and technical solutions to automate the process of control of technological systems interacting in the winding of rolled steel on Garrett type winders, preventing local retraction of the rolled profile at different stages of the winding process transient modes and provide high quality indicators of this process. The developed set of scientific and technical solutions allowed to provide the requirements concerning commodity production: accuracy of the geometrical sizes of cross section of hire, necessary density of winding of hire in skeins, a commodity kind of skeins of hire.
     He is a co-executor of more than 10 real implementations of automated control and management systems at the enterprises of the agro-industrial complex and in the industries.
      Scientific consultant of the enterprise LLC SPE "Center of Electromechanical Diagnostics".
      Author and co-author of about 30 scientific articles, abstracts and methodological publications.

ORCID: 0000-0003-2848-2737

Google Scholar: Dmitry Beshta

Other activity

     Certified specialist in programming of industrial controllers ES-ForthLogic, Phoenix Contact, Vipa, SCADA ZenOn. experience with which he introduces into the educational process.
     Certified IT Essential Instructor - Cisco Networking Academy.
     He is a technical expert of the regional mechatronics competitions Interpipe Mechatronic Battle and coach of the College Mechatronic League teams since 2019.
     He is an expert of the all-Ukrainian competition of professional skills "WorldSkills Ukraine" in the field of "Mechatronics".


     Beshta DO in 2002 he graduated from the National Mining University (now NTU "Dnieper Polytechnic") with a degree in "Control Systems and Automation".
      Since 2003 he has been teaching as an assistant at the Department of Automation and Computer Systems, since 2018 as an assistant at the Department of Computer Systems Software at NTU Dniprovska Polytechnic.
      On November 7, 2019 he successfully defended his dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences in specialty 05.13.07 - "Automation of control processes".
      From 2020 he conducted pedagogical activity as an associate professor of the department "Cyberphysical and information-measuring systems" of NTU "Dnieper Polytechnic".
      Since 2021, Associate Professor of "Information Technology and Computer Engineering" NTU "Dnieper Polytechnic".

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