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Areas of Resaarch

Areas of research of the Information Technology and Computer Engineering Department correspond to students training directions in 123 "Computer engineering" and 126 "Information systems and technologies" and cover various aspects of computer and information systems and technologies creation, testing and practical application.


The Department staff conduct research in the following areas:


·       designing and development of complex specialized information systems;

·       creation of information and communication technologies;

·       simulation of computer networks;

·       designing and operation of IT-infrastructure;

·       automated behavior analysis of network infrastructure and network applications;

·       development of ontological models in the learning process;

·       creation of artificial intelligence and designing decision support systems;

·       modeling and automated process control;

·       three-dimensional modeling;

·       DevOps methodology;

·       mathematical modeling and design of complex technical systems;

·       Cisco methodology;

·       determining the optimum parameters of computer networks;

·       analysis of time series;

·       information technologies of spatial data analysis;

·       intelligent analysis of regions monitoring indicators;

·       automated image processing and pattern recognition in control systems;

·    information technologies of aerospace radar and multispectral digital data processing;

·       information technologies and intelligent systems in mining.


In accordance with these areas of research, the Department staff participated in research under state budget research projects on the following topics:

·   GP-481 " Information and Communication Technologies of Agricultural Areas Conditions Assessment of South-Eastern Ukraine using Aerospace Monitoring Data"

·       GP-462 "Information and Communication Technologies of Aerospace Monitoring the Thermal State of Urban Geotechnical Systems"

Scientists of Information Systems and Technologies Department developed unique software packages:

·  RAPID geoinformation system – for forecasting and decision support in environmental, ecology, search of minerals and forecasting emergencies.

·       CONTOUR geoinformation system, that provides software tools of geological data visualization, spatial analysis, and automated methods for creating three-dimensional models of geological objects.

A Cisco Networking Academy operates on Information Technology and Computer Engineering Department. Among the directions of its activities is creation and study information, communication and network technologies.

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