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Certification for Higher Education Applicants

Electronic versions of documents (regulations, guidelines and recommendations) to preparation and defense of bachelors and masters graduate work in 123 "Computer Engineering" and 126 "Information Systems and Technologies" you can find on a Distance education of NTUDP service: State certification of ITCE >>>

Bachelor’s and master's qualifying work and is the most important result of students’ education.  Therefore, the content of the work and the level of it defense is one of the main criteria in assessing the implementation quality of correspondent educational and professional program.

Graduate works should be prepared in accordance with Regulations on the organization certification of higher education applicants in Dnipro University of Technology, approved by the Academic Council in December 11, 2018 (protocol number 15).

An academic adviser (candidate or doctor of sciences) supervises the qualifying work, gives the student tasks, determines the overall direction of the work, helps avoid fundamental mistakes, and develop a calendar schedule for the whole period of qualifying work, gives the necessary advices, supervises the correctness general direction of work, examines and evaluates progress, signs the work, gives a written response and recommends the work for commission for defense.

The object of development (bachelors) or research (masters) in graduate work for applicants of 123 "Computer Engineering" specialty can be:

  •  universal and specialized software and hardware of computers and computer systems, including stationary, mobile, embedded, distributed, local, and global computer and Internet networks Internet, cyberphysical systems, Internet of things, IT-infrastructures, interfaces and protocols for interaction of their components;
  • information processes, technologies, techniques, methods and systems of computer-aided and automatic design; customization, production and operation, design documentation, standards, procedures and means to support these software and hardware lifecycle management;
  •  methods and means of information processing, mathematical models of computational processes, computational technologies, including highly productive parallel, distributed, mobile, web-based and cloud, green (energy efficiency), safe, autonomous, adaptive, intelligent, smart, etc., architecture and organization functioning of correspondent software and hardware.

The subject of graduate work can software and hardware, information processes and automation technology or enhancing existing transmission systems, processing, storing or presenting of information in computer systems at the level of managing process, office works, business, and corporation.

The objects of research or development for 126 "Information Systems and Technologies" specialty applicants can be theoretical concepts and tools for creation and use of information systems and technologies; evaluation criteria and methods to ensure the quality, reliability, fault tolerance, vitality of information systems and technologies, as well as models, methods and tools for optimization and decision making under creation and use of information systems and technologies.

The subject of graduate work should be directed at solving complex specialized and practical problems in information systems and technologies that are characterized by complexity and uncertainty of conditions requiring the application of theories and methods of information technology; specialized solutions to complex and practical industrial and educational problems in information technologies, requiring research on the effective use of information technology for the needs of national science and production, and the use of new information technologies to develop new information systems for society needs.  

Text of graduate work should be represented in the form of explanatory note of no less than 55 (bachelors) or 70 (masters) pages of text without annexes.

The defense procedure consists of the graduate applicant speaking to examination commission. The presentation should be designed in the form of slide presentations, posters or pictures.

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