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Ivanov Denys
    Position: Assistant of the Department of Information Technology and Computer Engineering

: ivanov.d.v@nmu.one

Cabinet: 1/79, 4/55

Educational work 
    Assistant Ivanov D.V. teaches disciplines: "Geoinformation systems and databases", "Transport and navigation GIS", "Geoinformation systems in cadastral systems", "Technology of solving problems using GIS", "GIS in territorial management", "Informatics and programming", "Fundamentals of geoinformation systems and technologies", "Technology of programming and creation of software products", "Information protection and information security", "Technology of application problems using information systems".

Scientific activity 
     Assessment of the condition of vegetation and soil coverings of southeastern Ukraine according to remote sensing of the Earth.

    Performer of the collective (5 participants) scientific project “Technology of landscape analysis of technogenically loaded regions using materials of space surveys” in 2008-2009. Contract work was carried out on the basis of the Agreement between the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Foundation for Civilian Research and Development of the United States. Customer: NSU Science and Education Center. Purpose: development of technology for analysis of landscapes of technogenically loaded regions using materials of space surveys.
  ORCID ID 0000-0001-8660-0928
  Web of Science Researcher ID AAI-7791-2020
  Google Scholar Denys Ivanov

Other activity 
  • Operation and maintenance of servers
  • Maintenance of work of computer technics, computer networks
  • Data protection against viruses and hackers
  • Maintenance of equipment and software of the Department of ITCE
  • Development and support of the website of the Department of ITCE (http://it.nmu.org.ua)


     He graduated from the Kopohorod Secondary School of Grades I-III in 2003 O.S. Pushkin of the Bar district of Vinnitsa region, in the same year entered the GRF of the National Mining University in specialty "Geoinformation systems and technologies". He graduated with honors from the university having received the qualification "Geoinformatics engineer with a research level of training, teacher of higher education institution" in 2008, after which he has been working at the department since that year in different periods:
  • Software Engineer II category
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Deputy Dean for Informatization
  • Technical Secretary of the Admissions Committee 
  • Assistant
  • HERE Technologies International School
  • Micromine Training Course
  • Ideco: System Administrator
   Has experience in international companies since 2014: 
  • Google LLC (Map digitization specialist, Team Lead)
  • Intetics Inc., a Florida corporation (geocoder, GIS engineerр, Project Manager)
  • HERE Technologies (GIS Analyst, Representative of the company in Ukraine)

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