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Specialty: 126 Information systems and technologies

Area of knowlege: 12 Information technologies

Specialist in the development, implementation, support and research of information in information systems and technologies.

A unique mix of knowledge in computer technology, programming, operating systems (Microsoft Windows platforms, Apple Mac OS X, Google Android, Apple iOS, Unix and GNU Linux), multimedia and web technologies allow graduates to be competitive in the job market .

During their studies, students learn programming languages (C/C++, C #, Java, VB, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Ruby, SQL, Python, Visual Prolog, Go, etc.); learn how to develop application software and databases for different sectors; prepare instructions on the use of information systems; use software for testing and quality assessment to debug the software in different information environments; develop and use Big Data data processing systems.

The specialist must know: database creation mechanisms, use of Internet resources, methods of systematic analysis of design objects, structure, algorithms and methods of data processing in information systems, content and data execution sequence. project work, taking into account the requirements of current legislation and international standards.

The specialist must be able to: apply modern information technologies, including intellectual, cognitive, geoinformation, mobile information, image processing systems, neural networks, cloud computing technology, big data processing and analysis, parallel computing and distribution , to quickly get the best production results to solve specific production solutions.



Information processes, technologies, systems and networks, their tools (software, technique, organizational), methods and methods of design, testing, manufacturing and operation of technologies and information systems in different spheres, as well as all types of activities in society information.



  • First Level (Bachelor's Degree)
  • Second level (Master's)



  • Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Master in Information Systems and Technology, Professional in Information and Information Analysis, Systems and Telecommunications Engineer, Systems Designer, Consolidated Information Analyst



In international companies (Microsoft, Oracle, Autodesk, ESRI); software companies (EOS Data Analytics, NOOSPHERE, 2GIS, SoftServe, EPAM, AMC Bridge Ukraine, ApriorIT, ISD, Exigen Services, PFSoft, Luxoft, Cyclum, AquaSoft, Noosphere, etc.); banks (PrivatBank, Ukrgasbank, Raiffeisen Bank Aval, OTP); foreign companies in the USA, Canada, Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark and Singapore.



DevOps, DataOps, specialists in information systems development and support, computer system developers (project managers and IT products); computer program developers (programmer, web developer), specialized in other areas of computer engineering (systems analyst, programmer, database administrator, network administrator, system administrator, software tester.



  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Information systems design
  • Information systems architecture
  • Specialized Application Programming
  • Network information technology
  • WEB technologies and web design
  • Cloud computing technologies
  • Non-relational databases
  • IT project management
  • Neural networks
  • Information Technology
  • Internet of Things
  • Excellent data and information processing
  • Information systems for electronic commerce
  • Intelligent information technologies


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